Saturday, August 6, 2011


Linda's Angel
I received a package from my SS Angel Today I beautiful pincusion with a very nice tatted medalion with beads. Some thread she had tatted the medalion and a calendar 2012 postcard with castles and the sea.
Many thanks and beautiful work!!!

Linda's Angel

 Thank you my dear Angel from Portugal!! Isn't this an interesting way for making a bell with all the pretty tatting and beads... Also received the pencil with Portugal and a postcard overlooking the water. Very pretty country. I enjoy the postcards traveling through Portugal.

Scott's Angel

I just received a beautiful sun catcher from my secret tatting angel.  It was in a beautiful card that said Have a Sunny day and the sun catcher was in the shape of the sun.  What fun.  I really love it. Don't have a picture but wanted to say thank you to my secret angel.
God Bless,

Shirley's Angel
I have received my june, july, and aug. gifts from my secret tatted angel.  wow! 
for june, there were many great postcards and a pin which could be filled with a very small tatted piece, or a picture.
for july, another postcard,  three balls of variegated thread (finca 12), and a new shuttle--aero style with the hook.  that is my favorite shuttle to use.
for aug., there was another ROT newsletter which included the directions for how to make button flowers and the buttons to use, and a lovely postcard.  the flowers will have to be my next project.

i can hardly wait to find out who is my secret tatted angel  who is so generous.  i have loved everything that has come.
thank you.

shirley b

Thursday, June 23, 2011

June Angels

JUNE Exchange

Linda's Angel

Thanks Tatting Angel for the beautiful pin with beads. Very nice design!!!!

Extra thread to tat a motif.

Cork Post Card, Interesting and Love it. Showing places and items  of interest like the Cockerel...Wouldn't it be fun to sail down this water way!!!  

Another post card from Cascais, Portugal

Georgia's Angel

received from Australia June 20, 2011
Happy Tatting!
Best Wishes, Georgia

Maria's Angel

Thank You, Maria

Saturday, May 28, 2011

MAY Exchange

Cathy' Angel

Thanks to my wonderful angel.  You have made my day over and over!!!  The scanner doesn't do justice to the shiny gold thread bracelet and the beautiful red beads on the earrings!  And the cards continue to make me smile.  Thank you!

Linda's Angel
Look what my Tatting Angel from Portugal sent. Thank you very much!!! I am always interested in seeing the rest of the world even if it is from pictures.

Legend of the Barcelos Cockerel
According to legend, a pilgrim on his way to Santiago de Compostela was condemned to death by hanging at his pass through Barcelos, having been unjustly accused of stealing some object of value. Shortly before the sentence was carried out, the condemned man commended his soul to Saint James. In answer to his prayers, the roast cockerel the judge in charge of the case was about to eat stood up and started to sing. This is the origin of the famed Barcel√≥’s cockerel, universal symbol of Portugal.
Very Interesting….
Maria lives outside of Cascais.
The best of all is Maria’s tatting!! Isn’t it beautiful…Many Thanks

 Shirley Burger's Angel

I have sent an easter card and a small motif and pattern to my s/t/a
I have also received my feb, march, and april pkgs.  
The first photo is for Feb. and is of a 10x8" bag, suitable for carrying a supply of tatting needs.  it also includes a postcard of sri lanka.

The 2nd is of another "ring of tatters" newsletter. and also a keyring that could contain a picture or maybe even a tatted motif.
The 3rd is a postcard with a picture of a burial ground in germany for WWI casualties
Many thanks to my secret tatting angel for these gifts. I appreciate it all.

Terry's Angel

Actually 2 gifts from my Angel. I love all the great colors and
thread. A huge THANK YOU to my Angel out somewhere in Iowa.

Scott's Angel

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Scott's Card

Just wanted to thank my secret tatting angel for the rug mug and card that they sent. I also got a packet of taster's choice coffee and a butterfly bookmark on a paper clip. What a great way to brighten my day.Thanks to my secret tatting angel.


Thursday, March 17, 2011



Linda's Card

I received this beautiful card, very nice tatting and all those beads!! Just lovely. Also a very handy tatting bag with a pretty rose bud candle inside. A pretty tatted heart with beads on the bag.
Now I don't have to put my ball of thread in a shirt pocket!!!  Many Thanks....

Terry's Card

Here is the really delightful cross I rec'd from my Secret Angel 2 days
before St. Patrick's Day. I was really pleased but things were in a major
uproar at my house and I'm just getting around to saying Thank You. Please
forgive me for being so remiss. Never again.
Thank You Secret Angel. Your card and gift were timely and just what I
needed at the moment.

Scott's Card

Jennifer Goodman....
        Just received my March angel card.  It was a beautiful Irish Blessing Card with a sweet 4 leaf shamrock bookmark.  I really appreciate it as now I can see how one is done.  I'm a visual learner so having a pattern to look at really helps. Thank you so much for the card and gift.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Linda's Cards

Isn't this a pretty pincushion with nice tatting.
Love to try out new threads. Many thanks!!
I think the Mayflower finally crossed the Pond with all these pkgs!!!

Thank You!! Very pretty pin and nice tatting on box. Love the basket, photo insert and thread.

Jennifer's Card

Just received my angel card today.  It had a really cute butterfly bookmark, which will come in really handy as I read alot and mark alot of patterns I will eventually try.  Thanks so much for being so thoughtful

Shirley's Card

Angel #8 sent to Aileen

I just received another card from my angel. A valentines one... with an awesome heart!

Roberts card

Terry's Card

My Secret Angel combined 2 months with a delightful snowflake and a heart.
Since everyone is making red hearts, my Angel decided to send a lavender
one. Thank you so much!!! It brightened my day and I needed that.

Monday, January 24, 2011


Shirleys Card

Roberts Card

jennifer goodman
Received my January angel card yesterday. It had all my favorite things on it, lilac bushes and chickadees. I also received a beautiful bookmark and the pattern for it. Now I know what I'm going to do with the beautiful thread she sent me.
Sorry I haven't been acknowleging the cards as my pc kinda blew up and I had to buy another one.

Cathy Kenny
Still not able to get scanner to work.  received January angel card with the sweetest little petite bookmark.  Loved it!!!   Now have requests from both daughters to make one for them.  (-: