Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Linda's Cards

Isn't this a pretty pincushion with nice tatting.
Love to try out new threads. Many thanks!!
I think the Mayflower finally crossed the Pond with all these pkgs!!!

Thank You!! Very pretty pin and nice tatting on box. Love the basket, photo insert and thread.

Jennifer's Card

Just received my angel card today.  It had a really cute butterfly bookmark, which will come in really handy as I read alot and mark alot of patterns I will eventually try.  Thanks so much for being so thoughtful

Shirley's Card

Angel #8 sent to Aileen

I just received another card from my angel. A valentines one... with an awesome heart!

Roberts card

Terry's Card

My Secret Angel combined 2 months with a delightful snowflake and a heart.
Since everyone is making red hearts, my Angel decided to send a lavender
one. Thank you so much!!! It brightened my day and I needed that.