Thursday, March 17, 2011



Linda's Card

I received this beautiful card, very nice tatting and all those beads!! Just lovely. Also a very handy tatting bag with a pretty rose bud candle inside. A pretty tatted heart with beads on the bag.
Now I don't have to put my ball of thread in a shirt pocket!!!  Many Thanks....

Terry's Card

Here is the really delightful cross I rec'd from my Secret Angel 2 days
before St. Patrick's Day. I was really pleased but things were in a major
uproar at my house and I'm just getting around to saying Thank You. Please
forgive me for being so remiss. Never again.
Thank You Secret Angel. Your card and gift were timely and just what I
needed at the moment.

Scott's Card

Jennifer Goodman....
        Just received my March angel card.  It was a beautiful Irish Blessing Card with a sweet 4 leaf shamrock bookmark.  I really appreciate it as now I can see how one is done.  I'm a visual learner so having a pattern to look at really helps. Thank you so much for the card and gift.