Saturday, May 28, 2011

MAY Exchange

Cathy' Angel

Thanks to my wonderful angel.  You have made my day over and over!!!  The scanner doesn't do justice to the shiny gold thread bracelet and the beautiful red beads on the earrings!  And the cards continue to make me smile.  Thank you!

Linda's Angel
Look what my Tatting Angel from Portugal sent. Thank you very much!!! I am always interested in seeing the rest of the world even if it is from pictures.

Legend of the Barcelos Cockerel
According to legend, a pilgrim on his way to Santiago de Compostela was condemned to death by hanging at his pass through Barcelos, having been unjustly accused of stealing some object of value. Shortly before the sentence was carried out, the condemned man commended his soul to Saint James. In answer to his prayers, the roast cockerel the judge in charge of the case was about to eat stood up and started to sing. This is the origin of the famed Barcel√≥’s cockerel, universal symbol of Portugal.
Very Interesting….
Maria lives outside of Cascais.
The best of all is Maria’s tatting!! Isn’t it beautiful…Many Thanks

 Shirley Burger's Angel

I have sent an easter card and a small motif and pattern to my s/t/a
I have also received my feb, march, and april pkgs.  
The first photo is for Feb. and is of a 10x8" bag, suitable for carrying a supply of tatting needs.  it also includes a postcard of sri lanka.

The 2nd is of another "ring of tatters" newsletter. and also a keyring that could contain a picture or maybe even a tatted motif.
The 3rd is a postcard with a picture of a burial ground in germany for WWI casualties
Many thanks to my secret tatting angel for these gifts. I appreciate it all.

Terry's Angel

Actually 2 gifts from my Angel. I love all the great colors and
thread. A huge THANK YOU to my Angel out somewhere in Iowa.

Scott's Angel